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Casa Cesianu din calea Victoriei nr.151

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Excerpt The Cesianu House - Bucharest, 151 Victoria Avenue
The street initially called Podul Mogosoaiei (at present Calea Victoriei) is one of the most important thoroughfares of Bucharest, both from urban point of view and representative and architectural value of buildings. Along its last section, specially, it had a residential function: the big boyar families, such as Cantacuzino, Filipescu, Plagino, Manu and others were dwelling in that area.
Not far from the northern end of the street there is a housing land belonging, initially, to Filipescu family, who built their houses there, before 1847. Since 1890 that housing land has become the property of Cesianu family, who would command the modernizing of the old buildings, realized by architect Leonida Negrescu. Inaugurated in 1931, The Museum of the Town will function here after 1940.
Being considered representative from urban, architectural as well as memorial point of view, Filipescu/Cesianu house and housing land, almost unchanged till now, were included in the list of preserved building patrimony of Bucharest.
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti; VI; anul 2005