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Ceramica otomană descoperită în Bucureşti. Cercetări arheologice de salvare din anul 2004

Limba de redactare română (şi un rezumat în engleză)
Excerpt Ottoman ceramics found in Bucharest. Rescue excavations of 2004

In 2004 excavations in Victoria Street no.9 and 37 B "National Theater" were found some sherds generally named oriental. From 28 fragments only 24 belong to ottoman ceramic, 4 fragments belongs some modern ceramics.
In ottoman ceramic were found four shapes of vessels that could classify in: bowls ( 12 fragments), plates (6) jugs (7) and a small fragment from a lid. The fragments of bowls are divided in coffee cups and middle bowls. Predominantly are Kutahya sheds decorated in cobalt blue and white that arc dated in end of XVIIth and in XVIIIth century. Also there are two fragments of jugs, one of bowl (has both side decorated) and one fragment of lid (both side decoration) with polychromic design. Those designs are specific from style that was developed in Kutahya from XVIIIth century (Pl. 6).
The jugs belong to the Iznik style (Pl. 4). Fragments are decorated in blue, turquoise, green and red with black lines for drawing. Those fragments could be dated from the middle of XVIth century to first half of XVIIth century. Fragments of plates belong to more than one workshop; first fragment (Pl. 5.1a-b) belong to Chinese blue and white porcelain that could be dated between XVII th -XVIII th. The second fragment is a part of Iznik plate, generally dated between middle of XVIth and first half XVIIth. The last two fragments are more difficult to dated, could be Iznik (XVIIth
century) or Kutahya (end XVIIth- begin XVIIIth).
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
    • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
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