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Câteva acte privind prăvăliile din zona Sf. Gheorghe vechi aflate în colecţiile Muzeului Municipiului Bucureşti

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Excerpt Thc Bucharest Museum document collection comprises 13 documents containing data concerning some shops located in the St. Gheorghe Vechi outskirts – one of the oldest administrative structures in medieval Bucharest.
Chronologically these documents are comprised between September 10th 1757 and April 13th 1874. They show the commercial exchanges among various owners. Commercial buildings were raised on the land belonging to the church of St. Gheorghe Nou, and a yearly tax was being paid for the place. The paper documents, with or without a filigree, have various dimensions and were conceived in Romanian, written in Cyrillic or Latin letters, but here is also one document written in Greek.
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