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Un complex de tip Glina de la Baneasa-Lac

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Excerpt An archaeological complex of the Glina culture type at Baneasa-Lake

The rescue archaeological researches in Băneasa Lac area, in the North patt of Bucharest, made possible the identification of a Glina culture type settlement. The Bronze Age pottery was found fronm -0,30 m, but their number considerable increase between -0,40 - 0,60 n1, being in dark – brown stratigraphical level. There are no clear traces of constructions. In a pat1icular area, 3,00 m long and (North - South) and 2,50 m wide (East -West), was found a compact group of ceramic fragments. In the same area, under another group of potsherds was a group of stones. Just five fragments were found from a hearth and no fragments of clay bricks. These archaeological complex produce 254 ceramic fragments and another 647 are from culture stratigraphical level. Most of them have a brick color a coarse aspect because of the pebbles quantity. The fine pottery.
having sand instead of pebble, is not so numerous and has a grey color. For the first category it was possible to identify some vessel shapes like amphora or pots with the upper part in form of a funnel. From the fine ceramic we can mention cups, jars and bowls. Both the pottery and the type of inhabitation are typically for the Early Bronze Age, particularly for Glina culture, which is a frequent presence in this geographical area.
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
    • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
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