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O nouă aşezare de tip Tei-Bungetu descoperită în nordul Bucureştiului

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Excerpt A new seulement of the Bungetu type (Tei culture) found north of Bucharest

On the street Nuferilor no. 81, from Băneasa Lake area. during a rescue excavation it was identified a Bronze Ag e settlement. It was noticed a layer of 0.10 - 0.20 m thickness who produce potsherds and many fragments of clay bricks and parts of hearts, but none inhabitation complex.
A number of 910 potsherds were found, most of them from coarse clay, with many pebbles. It was noticed a great degree of fragmentation. Over 80% of the potsherds having between 3 and 6 cm. A small number of potsherds, 10%, are workable from the shape and decoration point of view. From these we mention five potsherds, fine grey ceramics category, decorated by incision and inlayed with a white substance.
The archaeological material is typically for the early phase of Tei culture (Tei - Bungetu/Căţelu), having good analogies in the settlements from Greci (Ilfov County) and Bungetu (Dâmboviţa County).
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
    • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti: CAB; VII; anul 2007
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