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Cercetări arheologice preventive în satul Pasărea, comuna Brăneşti, judetul Ilfov. Descoperiri din epoca hallstattiană timpurie

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Excerpt Rescue excavation in the village Pasărea, com. Brăneşti, Ilfov Country. Discoveries from earley Hallstatt period

The rescue excavations carried out in 2005 on the property of Dragoş Mircea Niţu in the village Pasărea. com. Brăneşti. Ilfov County, yielded an approx. 30 cm thick archaeological deposit, remains of a hearth that has been taken apart in antiquity, a refuse pit, and a pit with no inventory that could have served as a post-hole for a large pillar. Both pits cut the layer, but it is not possible to say how much more recent they are.
The most interesting material was found in the refuse pit (fig. 1-2). It consisted of a fragment of a medium sized vessel decorated with (probably four, three of which preserved) small protrusion at the limit between the neck basis and the shoulder, fragments from at least two other medium sized
coarse vessels and the half of an antler cheek piece (fig. 2/4 ). Parallels of the first piece (fig. 1) are known from the early Hallstatt layers in the settlement at Popeşti, Giurgiu County, and were dated into the 10th -9th century BC. The rest of the material is not narrowly datable. The cheek piece has no exact parallel in Boroffka's typology.
The layer yielded a predominantly coarse pottery belonging to types in use over several centuries, none of the sherds being useful for dating, as well as animal bones one of which presents clear traces of manufacturing (two rectangular holes pierced into the bone; fig. 4/5).
There are also large pieces of hearth crust, 5 cm thick with further pieces of burnt earth below it, pointing to an intense and probably long term use of the hearth (before being eventually destroyed) and, by implication, to a long term use of the site.
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti; VII; anul 2007
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