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Chitila “Cărămidărie". Raport preliminar privind campania 2006

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Excerpt Chitila “Cărămidărie". Preliminary report on the 2006 archaeological campaign

Chitila Cărămidărie it is on the North - East side of Chitila town, on the bank of Colentina River. In 1977, V.Boroneant made a rescue excavation. Most of the materials are from Bronze Age (Tei culture) and some few from the Migration Period (VIth- VIIth centuries).
In 2006, the investigation of the archaeological site was resuming. Unfortunately, the largest part of the site has been destroyed (sector B), only a small area (sector A) escapes from the modem interventions and produce archaeological materials.
Here was found materials from Bronze Age, belonging to the phase III -La Stejar (few sherds) and phase IV- Fundeni (most of the materials).
From the Vth- VIIth centuries is a sunken building. Rectangular in shape, this building have a fire installation built in a preserved bloc of clay. In front of the oven was a handmade pot.
Some sherds from the IIIrd- IVth centuries were found, also.
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti; VII; anul 2007
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