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Băneasa Lac. Descoperiri de epocă Latène

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Excerpt Băneasa-Lake. Latène period finds

Following the research intended for the archaeological clearance excavation for two private plots of land on the southern bank of the Băneasa Lake (36, Bujorului St. and 53, Liliacului St.), Bronze Age material (the Glina culture) and two Latene dwellings have been found.
The first dwelling is a sunken one, more likely rectangular, where no fire installation has been identified.
The inventory included several ceramic sherds of handmade pots (lamp pitcher "căţuie", jar, straight pots), wheel made pots (Lekythoi ?, mug) and a small iron lens. In the Latene layer a spine handle iron sickle has been discovered.
For this first investigated area, the approximate dating has been determined between late IIIrd and IInd century BC.
The second complex is another sunken dwelling. No fire installation has been found in this case either. The ceramic inventory is more numerous (141 fragments): 58 handmade and 83 wheel made pots. For the first category, the following shapes have been identified: jars, pots, 1amp pitchers "căţui". The open shapes (krater, lekane, dishes, and bowls) are predominant in the wheel made ceramic repertoire.
The association between the types of pottery found in the second dwelling can be, generally, dated in IVth- IIIrd century BC.
Some of the materials found in the cultural layer can be dated in the IInd and Ist century BC.
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