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Cercetările arheologice din Centrul istoric al Bucureştilor. Cimitirul „bisericii lui Ghiorma Banul - Biserica Grecilor"

Limba de redactare română (şi un rezumat în engleză)
Excerpt Archaeological research in the Historical Center of Bucharest. The cemetery of the Ghiorma Banu church The Church of the GreeksArchaeological excavations in the Historic Center of Bucharest (2007) taking place on Lipscani Street ( on the area between the Eugeniu Carada Street and Smârdan Street) uncovered a part of the Ghiorma Banu graveyard (the church was founded in 1664-1565) as well as wall remains of two construction phases of the Greeks' Inn (XVIII-XIX centuries). More than 60 tombs have been explored, of which 28 were inhumations, 7 were secondary burials (re-inhumations) and 28 were agglomerations of bones coming from disturbed graves. The latter were the consequence of disturbances (construction works. pit digging. etc) from various ages, including modern times. The assemblage of grave goods (earrings. a ring, a pendant, various types of buttons) is rather modest, with objects (resulting from the excavation of 11 burials) of a rather common nature for the XVII-XVIII centuries, showing little variation through time.
Of the nine coins found during the excavation of the tombs, only four could be determined (issued during the XVI-XVII centuries), confirming the use of the graveyard during the XVII century. The last burials took probably place at the beginning of the XIX century.
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  • Cercetări arheologice în Bucureşti; VIII; anul 2009
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